Anthropogenic pollution

Chemical pollution:

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) : very limited amounts in  

snow and water, but a lot of dioxins in the air of the region

due to extensive use of firewood burning for different purposes.

Quite possible POPs pollution of fish in the rivers.

Probable presence of oxybenzone and octinoxate : extensive

use of sunscreens due to ozone whole over Patagonia.

Probable presence of plastic micro-particles in the rivers due

to the move to biodegradable and oxo-degradable bags in the region.

Micro-plastic found in the lake by a scientific project:

Certain presence of chemical pollution of

water and nano-particles pollution due to washing

of technical clothes for “adventure” and “bad weather”


Pollution of soil by glyphosate, killing its microbiota-

used to control invasive plant species.

Glyphosate is really bad for earth worms.

Pollution of soil by chemicals from antiparasites and antibiotics used in horses and mainly cows, severely  altering the microbiota of the soil, including large microbiota, like worms and mushrooms. Alteration of microbiota: some bacteria can increase up to 70%, some bacteria disappear completely; mushrooms, which are usually insensitive to antibiotics, are subject to strong changes.

Pollution by neonicotinoids - causing decline of pollinators such as bees, wild insects, bats.

Study: Neonicotinoids in honey.pdf

Study: nerve agents in honey.pdf

Tourism-related pollution: air pollution and noise, solid waste and littering, sewage, aesthetic pollution.

Didimo (Didymosphenia geminata) in rivers.

Light pollution, kills a lot of birds, insects, marine life worldwide - very limited within the project.

Introduced and invasive species.

Externally generated pollution: antibiotics in salmon , Chile goes to environmental justice for the escape of 690,000 salmon: Chile acude a la justicia ambiental por el escape de 690.000 salmones.pdf 

Absence of waste management policy in the region.

Rubbish dump in Puerto Guadal,

close to the lake, one of several around

Anthropogenic pollution

November 2018

synthetic fish