rivers Leones and Claro

Pichimahuida is a private protected area,  dedicated to nature regeneration, located in Leones valley in Aysén, region XI, Chile, under Chilean law 19.300 “The Environmental  Framework Law” (Ley de Bases del Medio Ambiente),  registered in the database of the Ministry of Environment.

Private Protected Area Pichimahuida (PPAP)

Pichimahuida :

  1. What it is and is not

  2. Location

  3. Access Leones

  4. Collaboration

Pichimahuida is:

  1. -land in private property (6 properties of approx. 1800 ha in total), all legal provisions relevant to private property apply;

  2. -a project entirely oriented at the values, priorities and needs of nature, protecting its potential for restoration ;

  3. -a severely and irreversibly degraded ecosystem (at the image of the region);

  4. -a test ground for ecological

   restoration techniques and principles ;

  1. -a reforestation project with native trees under national Chilean legislation ;

  2. -a test ground for nature-friendly logistics in remote areas;

  3. -ground for some research activities  and internships;

  4. -based on the experience of the Swiss National Park.

Pichimahuida is not :

  1. -not a park ;

- not open for public visits ;

  1. -not a conservation project ;

  2. -not an attractive valley, due to the high level of anthropogenic degradation of the ecosystem.

Pichimahuida does not:

  1. -not provide direct access to the San Rafael national park or / and to the Northern Patagonian Ice field;

  2. - not develop or allow any type of tourism activities, including scientific or nature tourism;

  3. -not have land suitable in any way for agriculture.

Based on more than 10 years of experience of managing the area:

Main objectives:

✔︎ Protection

✔︎ Restoration

✔︎ Rehabilitation

✔︎ Defarming


Exchange of experience

Terms of use



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