Quantum time

Tempus rerum imperator

Nature needs time to heal, and the forest needs time to grow. A lot of time.

As we planted this forest, we are responsible for its future.

We need to give nature the chance to develop organically, avoiding sharp changes and help our neighbours in time, plants and animals, to project into future and use their skills from other epochs.

It’s not enough to protect space, space-time needs to be protected.

Nature has it’s own time, different from social human entropic time, we need to learn it.

It needs to survive:

  1. -the present ecological catastrophe;

  2. -the recently installed chaos in human social life where societal changes are accelerating;

  3. -the time when pictures on screens and “clicks” matter more than live beings;

  4. -the time of fast solutions;

  5. -the time of the individual “here and now”;

  6. -so that when we look back we do not regret the decisions we made.

Survive until:

  1. -the time when nature’s rights are integral part of human legislation;

  2. -the lessons of natural history are recognised (with the acceleration of enthropy people forget quickly = ecological amnesia);

  3. -maybe just until 2050  - scientifically  assessed end of human worldGlobal economic growth will take big hit due to loss of nature;

  4. -or max. 100 years, because of the principle of mediocrity: Implication of our technological species being first and early.pdf;  Collapse of civilisation is a near certainty within decades'.pdf;

  5. -or for 50 years: Only 50 years left' for sea fish.pdfSixth extinction of species.pdf;

It might be a dormant seed in a safeguard mode that could be used to restart live nature in another world, when time will be restored. Like the models it is using. Activating the butterfly effect, If we act at the quantum level of an ecosystem, the effects could be visible anywhere on Earth. It can be more effective in the long term than on-spot institutional solutions. Restoration does not give immediate results, it takes decades or centuries, to see the results and conservation advantages.

When life cannot cope with the acceleration of changes, it leaves. In nature, each new generation repeats the previous one, whenever possible. Survival depends primarily on knowledge of previous skills, and a little adaptation. At present, due to climate change, ecosystems move South and North at a speed of 20 cm per hour (accelerating), when they ran our of space they are gone. Annual species can adapt to climate change, not the perennials. Species that have lots of offsprings survive, not the others. With the acceleration of changes epigenetics play a more important role than genetics.

Karl Jung, Synchronicity.

Protection of space-time requires combination of protective measures in the terrain with the time aspect, as well as using rather the quantum time (reversible and probable) and concepts of quantum biology, as nature uses mainly quantum rules. In quantum physics time flows both ways. If we act on the quantum level on the ecosystem, the effects can be felt anywhere on Earth. 

First Law of Ecology: Everything Is Connected to Everything Else.

The ecological network is like an amplifier, a small shift in one place

can cause remote, significant and long-term effects in another.

James Lovelock: 'The biosphere and I are both in the last 1% of our lives

If the Earth were the Schrodinger’s cat (= a quantum particle), at the opening of the box

it would have been more dead than alive.

Most probably the tipping point was passed and the Earth’s system of life passed the irreversible bifurcation point by overbalancing into the path of transformation into inert non-live matter.

A memo from the year 2050