Natural regeneration

If land is properly protected, the natural regeneration is the most cost-effective and natural way.

SER brief on natural regeneration : Natural Regeneration in Forest and Landscape Restoration.pdf

The easy way of creating a nature reserve: leave an abandoned farm abandoned.

In Pichimahuida:

It took about 8 years for the trees starting growing in the valley floor, probably because the roots finally reached the water table.

The natural regeneration happens mainly where there is soil, e.i. the valley floor. Very little soil is left on the hills after the last century’s deliberate clearing fires and subsequent agriculture (mainly livestock).

Main tree species regenerating naturally - coihue. Lenga does not grow in open areas, it needs protection and therefore does not grow naturally on cleared land (importance of assisted reforestation).

Natural regeneration is roughly used to identify “reference ecosystems”, however this concept is hard to apply, as the ecosystem is regenerating naturally where there is soil, and reforestation is conducted on slopes with little soil left.


01.2018 - January 2020