valley and river Leones


  1. Pichimahuida is a strictly private property, not open to public, dedicated to Nature rights and land regeneration;

  2. This site is a case study of 17 years’ experience of Nature repair by personal means, read more


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  Autumn 2022

wetland in valley Leones

The Project does not support any tourism activity or association, nor

commercial use of Nature

Member of the Society of Ecological Restoration SER and International Network for seed-based Restoration INSR

In no case this Project or land shall be advertised in any social network, by any coverage in mass media or by any tourism or other business.

The Project does not blog, nor tweet, nor instagram. If you see it there it’s a fraud.

Member of networks Asi Conserva ChileRestauremos Chile

You will see it in the bank of projects for carbon credits in the Conexion Jaguar (as restoring the corridor of the puma).