Access to PPA Pichimahuida, and through it to Lago Leones, is by a private road X-732

In 2006, the track was in poor state, with many small river crossings, water logged sections, and exposed rocks.  There was no vehicle access beyond 6.5 kms (about 16.5 kms from the main road). In 2006 and 2007 it was necessary to improve access to the property. A road was constructed to the site for the main house and culverts were installed at small river crossings and problematic wet areas.  The bridge over the Meliquina river was rebuilt.  4 x 4 vehicle access is allowed for about 6.5 kms through the property, but the road remains vulnerable to damage from vehicles.  The road remains not accessible for vehicles beyond that point.  

rived Leones flooding

Stream in flood over the road

More PHOTOS of the road