rivers Leones and Claro

Prevention of damage to the ecosystem by tourism


It is now recognised on national and international level (f.e. SNASPE, UNESCO, IUCN) that tourism, whether ordinary, “nature”, “eco” or “scientific”, constitutes a major threat to nature

and natural ecosystems

The main purposes of the property’s project is to protect nature from commercial,

including tourist, use and anthropogenic pressure and help it regenerate itself

November 2017

Access to lake Leones through the property:

  1. I.The Setting:

  1. The post sign at the turn from the Carretera Austral into the valley is misleading: it indicates the Northern Patagonian Ice field at 30 km, while the ice field is not accessible via valley Leones (see map at the bottom of this page);

  2. The lake Leones is located about 27 km. from the Carretera Austral by walking trail, road X-732 ends at 16 km from Carretera Austral (Ruta 7) ;

  3. The road X-732 in the valley is a private road as from the second gate, the trail to lake Leones goes through private properties.

  1. II.The Rules in the properties of Pichimahuida :

  1. You are passing through strictly private properties and courtyards, using private road (X-732) and  trail;

  2. All private property laws and penalties apply;

  3. The property is not open to any type of public access;

  4. Straight through transit to lake Leones only.

  1. Do not leave the road and the marked trail, in no case;

  2. Do not trespass to the properties, do not camp, do not make fire, do not leave any type of garbage -

      do not put yourself in an illegal situation;

  1. Leave gates as you find them;

  2. Do not bring dogs or cattle;

  3. Respect wild animals, like foxes (protected by law), do not harass or feed them;

  4. Staff of the property is constantly checking the application of the rules.

Privacy: You are requested not to share the photos of the property on internet. In response the owners will not share the photos of your passage through the property, taken by trap cameras.

III. The Access:

  1. The road is a dirt, not maintained path in bad condition;

  2. Subject to frequent flooding and occasional landslides (see photos;);

  3. Car and motobike access ends in 6,5 km from the start of the property;

  4. Follows difficult trail of 9 km, last part not marked and under water;

  5. Bridges are not safe;

  6. Use at your own risk, no liability of the owners for any accident, injury or damage;

  1. The road through the property was built by the owners using only their own personal funds for their own personal use and access;

  2. The sign posting was entirely done using personal funds of the owners;

  3. Access to lake Leones through the property is provided free of charge;

  4. The private road was not built for the tourism industry;

  5. The road is used as a fire control and escape private road for the whole valley;

  6. In order to keep it in reasonable shape and not closed by the valley community you are requested to minimise the damage.

IV. The Dangers:

  1. The area is remote and dangerous;

  2. Fatal accidents in lake and river Leones:  in January 2016 , in November 2016 ;

     and by Andrés who lived before in valley Leones;

  1. The mobile phone coverage in the valley drops often;

  2. High wildfire risk in the valley in summer;

  3. A lot of mosquitoes (aggravated allergies occurred) and horse flies;

  4. No medical help accessible in case of accident.

V. The Area:

  1. The ecosystem in Leones valley is severely damaged, at places completely destroyed, as in the whole region of Aysén;

  2. You will see mainly critically degraded nature, desolation, bare rock and erosion (see photos), with many invasive species, as in the whole region of Aysén ;

  3. The property was bought by the new owners because it was in a miserable state, almost beyond repair;

  4. You might want to choose a responsible approach and help to help the land by not visiting it ( f.e. tourism is the second, after climate change, cause of glaciers melting).

Certified tour operators who have

   agreements to pass through the property:

  1. - Terra Luna, www.terraluna.cl ;

  2. - El Puesto, www.elpuesto.cl ;

Beware the services proposed by “Ruta Leon”

(camping at the entrance into the valley) -

they have NO authorisation to operate through

the property for safety reasons.

  1. 2.Start of Leones valley;

  2. 3.Start of Pichimahuida properties;

  3. 4.End of road and start of walking trail of 9,2 km;

  4. 5.End of Pichimahuida properties.