rivers Leones and Claro

Prevention of damage to the ecosystem by tourism


It is now recognised on international level that tourism, whether ordinary, “nature”, “eco” or “scientific”,  constitutes a major threat to nature and natural ecosystems

The main purposes of the property’s project is to protect nature from commercial use and anthropogenic pressure and help it regenerate itself


With this in mind and in order to prevent damage by any type of tourism, the following apply to the property:

I. Rules of transit through the property:

- The property is not open to any type of public access;

- Only straight transit to lake Leones is tolerated;

  1. -Stay on the indicated trail to lake Leones, it is well marked;

  2. -Do not camp, do not make fire, do not leave any type of garbage;

  3. -Leave the gates as you find them;

  4. -Do not take dogs with you, they damage wildlife;

  5. -If you see wild animals, like foxes, do not harass them or be afraid,

      they are not dangerous and it’s their territory;

  1. -Staff of the property is constantly checking the application of the rules.

  1. II.To be taken into consideration:

  2. -The sign at the turn from the Carretera Austral into the valley is

    misleading: it indicates the Northern Patagonian Ice field at 30 km,

    while the ice field is not accessible via valley Leones, the lake Leones

    is located about 27 km. from the Carretera Austral by walking trail,

    road X-732 ends at 16 km from Carretera Austral ;

  1. -The road X-732 in the valley is a private road, the trail to lake

    Leones goes through private properties;

- The road is a dirt, not maintained path - see photos;

  1. -The mobile phone coverage in the valley drops often, the area is remote

    and dangerous. A couple of articles on recent fatal accidents in lake and

    river Leones:  in January 2016 , in November 2016 ; and by Andrés who lived before in valley Leones;

  1. -High fire risk in the valley in summer;

  2. -A lot of mosquitoes and horse flies.

  1. III.Certified tour operators who have agreements to pass through the property:

  2. - Terra Luna, www.terraluna.cl ;

  3. - El Puesto, www.elpuesto.cl ;

  4. - Valley Leones ;

  5. -Pared Sur, www.paredsur.cl .

Beware the services proposed by “Ruta Leon” - no authorization to operate through the property.

Leones glacier

Lake and glacier Leones

Trekking path

pedestrian path to lake Leones
Pedestian path glacier Leones