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∎  In 2009 a book  “Arnold Heim. A Swiss geologist in the watershed of the lake Buenos Aires / General Carrera” was published in Spanish by Wolfgang Staub, living in Puerto Ibanez, on the lake General Carrera. The publication is mainly a translation of an extract of Dr Heim’s publication relating his travel through Chile, Argentina and Bolivia in 1930s - 1940s and initially published in 1953.

    It contains photos of Leones valley in 1939 - 1945, as well as photos of the same areas taken in 2009 by the translator’s expedition in the valley; mentions the state of the ecosystem of the time and the alterations of the ecosystem at arrival of the first colonists. Comparative photos show no improvement of the natural ecosystem between 1939 and 2009.

Arnold Heim

The Project area:

  Short description of the restoration project in SER News - English

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  Presentation of the Project at the Chile-California conservation Conference 2017: REPORT.Chile.Cal.Conf.Sept2017.pdf

Regional history of colonisation, including the  destruction of the ecosystem

of the region:

Deliberate fires of the the first part of XX century and the tragedy of the forest:

De la panacea a la tragedia. Bosques, erosión y forestación en Chile.pdf - Spanish

  Patagonia en llamas.pdf - Spanish

Fire history of Patagonia.pdf - English

  La historia del Bosque templado de Chile_Armesto_1994.pdf - Spanish

La tragedia del bosque chileno - article.pdf - Spanish

  Geographical silences in Aysén.pdf  - Spanish/English abstract

  Degradaciones actuales en ecosistemas nordpatagonicos de Chile, derivadas de los incendios de bosques durante el siglo pasado - Spanish

Perdida y fragmentacion del bosque nativo en la cuenca del rio Aysén (Patagonia-Chile) durante el siglo XX.pdf - Spanish

  Estado de recuperación del bosque nativo en una cuenca nordpatagónica de Chile,

     perturbada por grandes fuegos acaecidos 50 años atrás (44º-45º S).pdf - Spanish  - Mentions “giant fires”, collapse of the ecosystem,

    and “soil erosion” in Aysen - Spanish;

  Otero, L. 2006. La huella del fuego. Historia de los bosques nativos. Poblamiento y cambios en el paisaje del sur de Chile. Editorial Pehuén. Santiago, Chile.

A.Hoffman 1998

p.149 :”.. the region of Aisen, one of those that has suffered the greatest deforestation in Chile since the Twenties.”

Presentation of the project at SER, Iceland, 09.2018, SERE2018

01.2018 - January 2019

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