Swiss Alps


∎  In 2009 a book  “Arnold Heim. A Swiss geologist in the watershed of the lake Buenos Aires / General Carrera” was published in Spanish by Mr Wolfgang Staub, living in Puerto Ibanez, on the lake General Carrera. The publication is mainly a translation of an extract of Dr Heim’s publication relating his travel through Chile, Argentina and Bolivia in 1930s - 1940s and initially published in 1953.

    It contains photos of Leones valley in 1939 - 1945, as well as photos of the same areas taken in 2009 by the translator’s expedition in the valley; mentions the state of the ecosystem of the time and the alterations of the ecosystem at arrival of the first settlers. Comparative photos show no improvement of the natural ecosystem between 1939 and 2009.

Arnold Heim

RE: history of destruction of the ecosystem at the location of the PPAP

RE: history of colonisation and destruction of the ecosystem of the region

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