Birds - Aves


Migrating birds pay hight price for green energy - wind turbines kill millions of birds every year,

electric powerlines are deadly for all birds.

The cellphone towers installed in the region can disorient migrating birds.

If you love birds, do not eat fish or local meat fed with fish meal:

De plus en plus d'oiseaux marins affamés par la surpêche industrielle.pdf  

One sportsman can disturb thousands of water birds.pdf

Aves de Chile :

The valley is an IBA (important bird area):

El estado de conservación, según la Lista Roja de la UICN:

NA (not assessed) - no evaluado; LC (least concern)- preocupación menor; NT (nearly threatened) - casi amenazada + tendencia de la población.  “No CdV” - taxón no incluido en el Catálogo de vida.

Birds are great tree planters: HOMENAJE AL GRAN PLANTADOR DE ÁRBOLES.pdf

Birds in the project:

Many vultures, like condors of the area, are poisoned by pesticides, or intentionally by bait.

A lot of birds die of starvation, due to climate change issues.

The project is organising winter feeding of birds, the old orchards have been rehabilitated in order to privilege fruits and berries for birds, natural habitat of native and migrating birds if being restored, a lot of migrating birds are passing in spring and autumn. Restored wetlands are essential for migrating birds

The sixth mass extinction of the species is underway for the birds as well. Due to climate change most migratory birds no longer go north, too hot for them. The added distance of migration to the south is not increasing fast enough to counter the effects of global warming. The dates of arrival and departure in migration are programmed by the length of the day, synchronized with the birth of the young and the peak of the insects. The time lag between the earlier food cycle and the birth of the chicks is also a cause of extinction.

2022: Half of world’s bird species in decline.

Migrating birds: “With their homing magnets befuddled by a transmitter’s electromagnetic fields, they end up circling its towers, whose guy wires become the blades of a giant bird blender. Transmission towers are only the beginning of the unintended carnage human civilisation perpetrates on feathered creatures we don’t even eat.” The World Without Us.

A European power company sued over electrocution of birds