The main purpose of this site is to exchange experience with restoration practitioners working in comparable conditions  of ecosystem degradation, remoteness and local pressure.

Location (see maps):

Region Aysén (Region XI) about 250 km south of Coyhaique.  The property is 10 km west from the Carretera Austral (CH-7), in valley Leones, midway between Lake General Carrera and Northern ice field. The PPAP is adjacent to the San Rafael National Park. The nearest town is Puerto Rio Tranquilo.


- Ecosystem, severely degraded by human activities in the middle of the last century, a common situation for the region;

  1. -The  property has been managed since 2006 as a private protected area Pichimahuida (PPAP), see page on PPAP;

  2. -The focus is on repairing and healing nature, and applied ecological restoration;

  3. -Currently the PPAP is the only area in the area where native trees are planted for reforestation on a large scale. Trees have a good survival rate (85%). More than 200 000 trees of native species have been planted so far (2018);

  4. -Some projects, such as monitoring of POPs (persistent organic pollutants) or research of the Northern Ice Field by the University of Ohio (USA), are implemented on the property;

  5. -We do not develop any kind of tourism activities, including ecotourism and scientific tourism;

  6. -The guiding landmark for any activity is the benefit for nature and ecosystem.

Based on 10 years experience, the most promising collaboration partners are:

  1. Practitioners in forestry and ecological restoration, with experience in local ecosystems (in particular the forest engineer who designed the reforestation project);

  2. Bird watchers of the region;

  3. Members of SER (International Society of Ecological Restoration), , in particular restoration projects in Europe;

  1. International land conservation networks,


  1. Information of and contacts with international organisations,

    such as UNEP and FAO;

  1. Some foreign universities.

✒︎ We are looking for collaboration with lawyers on possibilities

of agreements under the LAW 20.930 (2016)



  1. If you are a restoration or nature protection practitioner,

    are facing the same issues and are unbiased by

    local considerations, please contact us at

    webmaster (at)

  1. For volunteers : please apply via WorkAway,

For friends: that’s what you can do here.

Internships 2014-2017 and resulting work.

  The internship programme is no longer available.

rivers Leones y Claro


forest destruction Aysen

Dead trees and absence of soil - result of fires of the 1940s-1950s