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We are located in Region Aysén (Region XI) about 250 km south of Coyhaique.  The property is 10 km west from the Carretera Austral (CH-7), in valley Leones, midway between Lake General Carrera and Northern ice field. The PPA is adjacent to the San Rafael National Park and the Northern Patagonian Ice Field. The nearest town is Puerto Rio Tranquilo.

The sole purpose of this site is to exchange experience with restoration practitioners working in comparable conditions  of ecosystem degradation and remoteness.


- Ecosystem, severely degraded by human activities in the middle of the last century, a common situation for the whole region;

  1. -The  property has been managed since 2006 as a private protected area (PPA) “Proyecto Pichimahuida” (project Pichimahuida), see page on PPA;

  2. -The focus is on repairing and healing nature, and applied ecological restoration;

  3. -Currently the PPA is the only area in the subregion where native trees are planted for reforestation on medium-large scale. Trees have a good survival rate (85%). 180 000 trees of native species have been planted so far (2016);

  4. -Some projects, such as monitoring of POPs (persistent organic pollutants) or research of the Northern Ice Field by the University of Ohio (USA), are implemented on the property;

  5. -We do not develop any kind of tourism activities, including ecotourism and scientific tourism, tourism being a threat to natural ecosystems and biodiversity (UNESCO);

  6. -The guiding landmark for any activity is the benefit for nature and ecosystem.

If you are a practitioner and are interested in exchanging experience in any aspect of nature repair, restoration or healing, please contact us at:  webmaster (at) pichimahuida.info.

  1. For volunteers : you will be able to contact us soon

  through the sites WorkAway and HelpX.

For friends: that’s what you can do here.

Internships 2014-2017 and resulting work.

  The internship programme is no longer available.

rivers Leones y Claro

Opportunities for collaboration

forest destruction Aysen

Dead trees and absence of soil - result of fires of the 1940s-1950s